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European Academy Berlin e.V.

46/48 Bismarckallee
14193 Berlin, Germany

Phone: +49 30 89 59 51 0
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Responsible for content within the meaning of German press laws:
Dr. Christian Johann
Board of Trustees of the association

Dieter Ernst, chairperson of the Board
Petra-Evelyn Merkel, deputy chairperson
Dr. Christian Johann, deputy chairperson, managing member of the Board
Main office of the association: Berlin

Reference no. (In register)  VR 3197 B
lower-level court (Amtsgericht) Charlottenburg, Berlin
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DE 13 66 22 356
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Bismarckallee 46/48
14193 Berlin

Tel.: +49 (0)30 8959510
E-Mail: eab@eab-berlin.eu
Web: www.eab-berlin.eu/

Digital Lines of Life and Death

The persecution of Sinti and Roma in the Nazi era
The lives of a Czech Romni and a German Sinto
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